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$ Million Dollar Coach Training




Become a bullet-proof, highly paid pro from the million dollar coaches who know.

The coaching industry is growing like mad:

  • The second fastest growing industry (behind IT) in the country is coaching.
  • Life and Business Coaching is now an almost 2 billion dollar industry.
  • Research clearly shows return on investment (ROI) for businesses of 10:1 and sometimes 50:1

But when it comes to making money . . . All Coaches Make the Same Mistakes.

Once upon a time you could hang a shingle outside our door, let everyone know what you’re doing, and clients would just show up . . . maybe.

The fact is 50% or more of coaches make less than $10,000 per year. 30 to 40% make at least $1 million per year coaching and there is almost nothing in between.

All you have to do is STOP

  • Stop chasing one prospect at a time
  • Stop fumbling with what to say
  • Stop leaving money on the table


In this 2 hour live interactive webinar, you and 7 other attendees will walk-through a self-assessment and Hear directly from coaches who train $1 M coaches every day.You will become the “Highest-Earning Coach in the Room” by mastering the 8 Key Conversion and Retention Principles.

You will receive your private link to the meeting room along with a Monetization Study Guide 24 hours before the meeting.

See you at the training!



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